Snus Products For Cyclists

Some cyclists might enjoy smoking but want a better alternative to cigarettes. These products can be harmful to the user’s lungs. This is not ideal for bike lovers as continuous pedalling entails a fair amount of cardio. Furthermore, some people want to cycle on a professional level. If they strive to be the next Mads Pedersen then they will have to give up smoking. If going cold turkey is too hard they might try a nicotine pouch.

The website Northerner supplies Velo Snus, a slim and discrete pouch. It is made with a combination of tasty eucalyptus and pine fibres. There are different flavours and strengths. Customers can choose a combination that suits their own personal tastes.

As A Reward

The pouch could be used to help the cyclist increase their overall performance level. For example, when the person reaches past their current peak they might taste the pouch as a fun reward. This method may also be utilised when they win races.

Both cycling and Velo Snus can be combined for a very fun and satisfying experience. The latter is very reasonably priced. Consequently, the cyclist can spend more money on maintaining their vehicle and purchasing new equipment.