The Basic Bicycle Riding Rules on Road

You might feel like it is all fun and there are no legal rules associated with riding a bicycle but that’s not the case. There is a proper set of rules for bicycle riders which they need to follow while driving a bicycle on the road. These rules may or may not be applicable in different road and off-roading bicycling formats depending upon the corporations conducting the events.

Rules For Riding a Bicycle on Road

The legal way to ride a bicycle on road is by placing your legs on each side of the bicycle with your feet on the respective pedals. You need t keep your face forwards which means keeping your head up and not towards the road. You are required to place at least one of your hands on the handlebars while riding a bicycle.

Can You Carry People On Your Bicycle?

The rules to carry another person on your bicycle is that your bicycle should have been designed for that purpose and the rider and the passenger should be wearing helmets while riding on a bicycle.

Things You Should Never Do On The Road

It is not allowed to hold on to another vehicle while riding a bicycle and prove to be catastrophic for you. You’re also not allowed to ride a bicycle which is towed to a vehicle and neither you can run after an animal while riding a bicycle. The thing is, why would someone even try to do such dangerous things on the road?