What Are The Different Types Of Bicycling?

There are different types of bicycling and each type of bicycling requires specific skills to ride a bicycle. Besides that, each type of bicycling is associated with a multitude of health benefits focusing on the uplift of particular body parts such as biceps, triceps, etc. Almost all of the professional athletes use bicycling to improve their endurance, gain more strength and stay fit for their athletic activities. So, it is obvious that common people can also make use of regular cycling to get rid of excess calories, gain physical strength and stay healthy. Let’s go through the different types of bicycling one by one.

BMX Racing

You already know that Motocross is the epitome of world motorcycle racing, likewise, to develop a global standard for bicycle racing, BMX was introduced. BMX bicycle racing focuses on stunts and riding over ramps. You can enjoy BMX racing both indoors and outdoors. It requires extremely good balance, handle-control and energy utilisation. Unlike other types of bicycles, BMX bicycles are available at cheap rates and you can even make a deal better by buying a discounted one.

Tandem Cycling

In this type of cycling, a specialised cycle consisting of more than one saddles to be driven by more than one person is ridden, commonly known as novelty cycle. You often get to ride these bicycles at different tourist destinations and holidays. Different types of tandem cycling have been developed over time such as offroad, road and fatbike tandem cycling. Other than balance and control, teamwork is the most essential component to ride a tandem cycle properly.


A typical road bicycle equipped with mountain tyres is used in Cyclocross. It is a challenging and yet fun to play bicycling type. It requires a huge effort from a racer as you’ll have to go through difficult terrains and ride a bicycle for sixty minutes split into laps. You can mix the skills you’ve gained from BMX and mountain racing and use them to master your Cyclocross racing.

Track Racing

It is a very popular form of bicycle racing in the present era. Here you’re supposed to ride a bicycle at high speeds without brakes and requires great handling capabilities. You’ll also need to be boosted up with stamina to ride your bicycle over miles of distance.