Everything You Need To Know About Bicycling

Bicycling is most commonly referred to as cycling. It is the act of riding a bicycle as a sport, a means of transport or for the purpose of recreation or exercise. The people who are regularly involved in cycling activities are known as cyclists. Bicycles aren’t only famous among kids, In fact, a good deal of population all over the world uses bicycles for regular transportation purposes.

Bicycling is highly beneficial as compared to other means of transport and you can use a cycle to drive from short to medium distances. Reportedly, there are around one billion bicycles present in the world. Bicycling is not only beneficial to your own health, but it is also good for the environment as other transport vehicles release toxic gases in the environment. When you’re using a cycle for travelling shorter distances, you don’t have to worry about traffic congestion, less parking space and other such daily life issues.

You’re doing a favour to the society by choosing to ride a bicycle instead of riding any other vehicle which derives its energy from fossil fuels. A bicycle is more economical as well and costs very little to fix any messed up parts. In developed nations, physical inactivity is becoming a leading cause of death and has been placed just next to tobacco consumption. Therefore, use of bicycles helps you to get rid of physical inactivity and keeps you in good health. It prevents you from falling prey of some deadly cardiovascular health conditions and keeps your obesity in check as well. That’s why bicycling is a recommended exercise for everyone who wants to stay physically fit for the rest of their lives.

Bicycle racing, touring and other such activities are very famous globally. The use of bicycles isn’t limited to the general public, athletes, army and other socially important organisations make use of bicycles as well. There are different types of bicycles modified to perform different racing activities. The modifications in form, size and weight are made to fit a bicycle for a particular type of race such as the use of wide tyres for mountain racing.

Although the use of bicycles is awesome there a few disadvantages associated with it which you should also know. The maintenance of proper balance on a bicycle is very critical in this sport and a little imbalance can prove to be disastrous, bicycles are equipped with less protective gear as compared to other vehicles which can cause more damage to you during severe accidents; you can’t transport people on bicycles and bicycles aren’t specialised to be used in adverse weather conditions. It has also been stated that overuse of bicycles can cause damage to knees especially if riding a bicycle while standing.