Cycling Tips in The Covid Era

When COVID-19 cases started escalating, the government put many states on lockdown. With the discovery of a vaccine, many people are getting back to work. However, public transport might still record a low usage, as people prefer to cycle or walk if they have to commute.

Cycling is one of the most encouraged means of transport since it allows people to maintain social distance while getting to where they are going fast enough. If you choose to go the cycling way, here are a few tips for the Covid era.

Safety First

Although the main focus may be to reduce the spread of the virus if one is not safe while cycling, they increase their risk of being involved in an accident. Therefore, you should ensure you have your helmet, lights, cycling gloves, eyewear and adequate clothing. Once these are in check, ensure they are properly washed and sanitized before and after hitting the road.

Go for Solo Rides

Social distancing is one of the guidelines that health institutions recommend to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, cycling in groups is not the best way to keep yourself safe. Stay in solo lanes as much as you can and avoid getting too close to other cyclers even when overtaking.

Cycling during lockdowns

For most countries, although people are in lockdown, the government allows people to come out once in a while though they have to maintain social distancing guidelines. Cycling sparked a movement across Europe and many organizations encourage it. However, if you are to cycle outside during a lockdown, follow your state’s rules to avoid getting in trouble.

Wearing a mask when cycling

Cycling solo may not mandate that one wears a mask though this differs from state to state. However, to be on the safe side, ensure you carry a mask for when you are not on the move, at least.

In summary, keep social distance, obey your state’s Covid guidelines and be safe.