Everything You Need To Know About BMX Bicycling

The full form of “BMX” is Bicycle Moto Cross. BMX bicycling is of the standard of Moto Cross of motorcycles and not everyone can master it. Unlike a normal bicycle, the bicycles designed for BMX are totally different and are modified as per the need of a particular sport. BMX made its way into the Olympic Sport in the year 2008 when the event was held in China.

The Beginning Of BMX Bicycling

BMX bicycling is inspired from the Motocross motorcycle racing where the racers compete in different racing conditions such as dirt racing, etc. The late 1960s saw an emergence of BMX bikes from Southern California as the youth started using bikes to perform different stunts and compete in different racing events. In the very beginning of BMX bicycling, special types of bicycles designed solely for such purposes were not available and the riders had to make use of ordinary bicycles which was quite difficult, unsafe and impractical. Eventually, bicycle makers started feeling the need of manufacturing the bicycles for stunts and racing which lead them to manufacture specialised BMX bicycles and currently a huge variety of BMX bicycles are available in the market.

Everything Else About BMX Bicycling

BMX being an extreme form of bicycle racing is typical of 25 to 40 seconds, the racers have to go through a customised track of around 900-1,100 feet. The speed of racers in a typical BMX biking event varies between 15 mph and 35 mph. The length of the track and the average speed of a racer may vary as per the modifications that were done to the track and usually 8 racers can take part in each racing event simultaneously.

As compared to typical bicycles, BMX bicycles are designed to be considerably smaller in size and possess only one gear. The wheels are strict of 20-inch in all the varieties of BMX bicycles and also feature high handlebars so that a racer can stay upright while racing.

BMX bicycling initially started as a racing sport but eventually changed into a totally different sport. Nowadays there are different types of BMX such as freestyle bicycling and dirt jump BMX. All the variations of BMX are equally enjoyable whether you want to show off your bicycling tricks in a skate park or want to drive your bicycle off-road on challenging terrains. Enjoy BMX and stay safe!