Is Bicycling Better Than Running?

Bicycling, as well as running are ideal exercises for weight loss and overall physical and mental well being of an individual. These are cardio exercises which can be performed outdoors as well as indoors. Although running is a more potent exercise than bicycling helping you to lose more weight quickly, we would still recommend bicycling over running because of many reasons.

Unlike bicycling, running has more impact on your joints and your muscles which is not a good thing. However, both being cardio workouts are equally helpful in maintaining your cardiovascular system.

Talking about burning calories, running is more effective. But bicycling is a gentle way of losing weight ideal for people of all age groups. While running needs more effort and is not suitable for people with weak joints.

You can achieve your weight loss target by running more quickly but if you’re interested in strengthening and gaining muscles, bicycling is your exercise. As compared to bicycling, running had been seen to show better results in toning muscles. You can also try to mix up both the exercises to gain overall good health results.